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Duluth Hockey Company (previously Stauber Brothers) is owned by six hockey playing brothers born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota; John, James, Dan, Pete, Robb and Bill Stauber. In 1990, after a significant amount of planning and preparation, the Stauber Brothers opened their doors for business. In 2015, a complete remodel (inside and outside) of the store took place and the company name was changed from Stauber Brothers to Duluth Hockey Company. For the past 27 years, the brothers and their team of employees, who are all very active in the hockey community, have dedicated their efforts to providing exceptional customer service and products to loyal customers who call Duluth Hockey Company their home. 












The love and enthusiasm for the game of ice hockey that is shared by all of the Stauber boys started back in 1967 when Del Stauber introduced his three eldest sons (John, James, and Dan), to the game of hockey at the Piedmont Heights rink in Duluth. It was not long before Del's youngest sons (Pete, Rob, and Bill) were also introduced to the game.  As a founding father of the Piedmont program, Del developed a passion for hockey that quickly became instilled in all of his boys. That passion, and the life lessons that go along with it, are what eventually lead to his sons' success in high school hockey, collegiate hockey, professional hockey and into the business world of hockey.

Today, that strong family passion for the game has transcended down to the grandchildren of Del and Jean Stauber. Hockey has become a past time that they all share a strong love for and it is something that will bond them together forever. Of the eighteeen grandchildren, eight of them have played or are still playing the game of hockey and seven of them have worked or are still working at the retail business.

"We have cherished the opportunity to serve families, friends and business associates across the U.S. and Canada for over twenty seven years and we cannot thank you enough for your continued support of our business.

We consider you all an important part of our family." - The Staubers 

















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