Skate sharpening is a crucial part of your game. Our staff understands the importance of a balanced edge and we strive to provide you the optimal sharpen in order to perform at your highest ability. We even offer a forward or defensive rocker on any skate for an additional price. Also, be sure to ask about our skate sharpening punch card which gets you 2 FREE sharpens when you buy 8 all at once. 

From the beginning, we have provided our customers with the option to lease skates from us. This is a great alternative to buying skates and comes with the following advantages:


‚Äč- A guarantee that you will reduce your skate costs with leasing vs. buying


- A guaranteed maintenance of the skate.

After a proper fitting done by one of our trained staff members, we will provide appropriate maintenance and upkeep to the best of our ability during the one-year lease contract.


- A guaranteed fit for the entire season.

If you outgrow your leased skates, bring them in for a refit into another pair of equal or lesser quality skates.


- Membership Card

You will receive a special membership that will save you money all season long.

Off season training is a crucial part of the game, and we want to be sure we provide you with all the tools you need to always be at your best. Our full size goals and goalie shooter trainers make for great targets when practicing your shot, and our stick handeling balls and pucks come in handy when working on those hands. Also, don't forget, we are a proud supplier of BioSteel products which are perfect for those long days at the gym. You can read more about BioSteel here.






We carry a wide variety of the latest styles of hockey equipment from the most well trusted hockey brands in the world including Bauer, CCM, Warrior and more. We understand that each individual player is different and we are committed to outfitting you into gear that best suits your needs. 

Aside from equipment, we also stock the necessary hockey accessories to complete any other needs you may have. Everything from hockey tape to mouth guards to stick wax, we've got you covered. We even have puck bags, whistles, and white boards for all of you coaches out there.


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